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-We've had this discussion before. Search is your friend. My reply on Biggio below:

"-Traditionally, the Hall of Fame has weighted counting statistics more than saber analysis. Certainly Biggio gets in when considering the counting stats: the only player in history to amass this combination = 3000 hits, 600 doubles, 400 stolen bases, and 250 home runs. He also generated opportunities in an oft-unrecognized way, crowding the plate and leading the league in HBP for 5 seasons. Through in a few Gold Gloves and an All-Star bid at both 2b and Catcher (weird), it would seem the counting stats are in his favor.

When compared to other 2b players in the Hall, he's around middle of the pack in most counting stats. Not near close to the worst, only the best on one or two categories. 1st in Runs Scored, 2nd in HR, 4th in Hits, 5th in SB, etc. So, again, by traditional 'counting stat' measures, it would seem Biggio has the right stuff.

A quick aside, particularly for all you Larry Walker haters. Biggio played in the Astrodome, a not-friendly-to-hitters park by most measures. If yer gonna downgrade Walker for the Coors factor, you darn well better give Biggio a bump for playing a good shot of games in that place. If not, let Walker in and quit being hypocritical.

And then we get to the sabermetric analysis. Length hurts here, but something that comes up a lot in these discussions is dominance. Jack Morris and Blyleven can speak to this. So, was Biggio ever 'dominant'?

In the 1990s, his best decade, he led the league in doubles 3 times, had a 5+ oWAR 5 times (topping out over 7 twice), the best dWAR of his career, and during the decade was second only to I-rubbed-some-mayonnaise-type-substance-on-my-muscles-and-didn't-know-it-was-bad-Barry Bonds in Win Shares. For the decade.

Add in a few Silver Sluggers for good measure and 32nd all-time in Runs Created (ahead of a whole slew of HOF players).

In the end, i personally think the Hall of Fame as currently-designed is a bit flawed. Without discussing that, though, to maintain some consistency and relevance to the past, if we're gonna keep this ol' gal together...Biggio gets in.""
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