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Originally Posted by solt0131 View Post
Another thing:

SAVE EVERY RECEIPT YOU GET FOR CARDS! When BO sends you a box, save the invoice, when you go to the LCS, get a receipt, when you buy cards at a card show - make a receipt. Go to the $1 store and get a receipt booklet, it will be the best $1 you ever spent, trust me.
I buy a lot of private collections and of course I pay with cash. The seller would never trust me with a check bec they don't know me. If I would be audited what would I need to prove that I spent the money? It is hard to get reciepts from people that I am paying cash to. Could I keep my own records like write my own receipt or keep it in a note book? Would the IRS accept that? I do have the bank statements that show cash withdrawals, does that help? Thanks

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