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Originally Posted by guru View Post
In that case, Jim Rice should have never made the Hall of Fame.
-I'm not sure what you are saying here.

Do you feel Jim Rice was/is worthy? Then i would say to the voters that ultimately voted him in: they should've put him on their first ballot. Just because he's older doesn't mean he suddenly qualifies for something that, not a few years ago, they thought he didn't qualify for. It's not like he's been accumulating more HRs since he retired.

Do you feel Jim Rice was/is not worthy? Then i would say that the voters that ultimately voted him in disagree and the nonsensical ability for them to just keep voting for these lingering players allows the nonsense to continue. Nonsensically, even. I would also say to those voters, put him on your first ballot. Why wait? Are you that insecure that you have to wait several years before making a grown-up decision?

A player's worth for the Hall should not change over time. They're retired. The rules for induction don't change over time. Their stats don't change. What the hell are they waiting on?


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