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Originally Posted by lobo_hacker View Post
-But why? *Why* aren't they first-ballot? Because the voters historically have maintained this odd honor? Have you even seen ballots cast by these numbskulls over the last few decades?

Just saying "not first ballot" means acrapsolutely nothing. What changes in the players stats/qualifications 5 years down the road? Nostalgia? Grey Hair? They wear diapers now so we feel sorry for them?

I just don't get it. I understand individual voters change, and am understanding of that being one possible reason for some late ballot players getting in. But that isn't the majority of what's happening here. The majority seem to have this odd notion int heir heads as well.

Similar stuff happens at work with guys that have been at the firm waaaaay too long. They'll say things like 'that's the way it's always been' or 'that department just works best that way'.



I totally agreed! So someone doesn't make it in the first time, then later suddenly he becomes a deserving HOFer? I don't get that part. Well, if we need to separate level of HOFers, then HOF should have gold, silver, bronze levels and people get in different levels. :b
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