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Originally Posted by jubjub47 View Post
This thinking is so stupid to me. The players career is over. It's not going to improve so waiting until the 2nd or 3rd year etc. makes no sense. If the player is a HOF caliber player put him in on his first year or don't put him in at all. No lessons are being learned and nothing is being gained by making them wait. As for the PEDs, baseball is just going to have to accept they were a part of the game and move on. While I don't like Bonds or Clemens, they deserve to be in as does McGwire. Really I think most of the guys eligible today are deserving. The one being slapped the hardest by the PEDs is Palmeiro and even he probably needs to be in. He was a great player.
I do think that the only way you should get in on the first ballot is if you are one of the elite players of all time. It is an honor to be elected into the hall of fame, but it is the utmost honor to be voted in on your first chance. It is something that has only happened less than a quarter of the time. And I firmly believe that Biggio belongs in the hall but not as a part of that elite group. Getting in on the first ballot is of itself something special just like making it on the ballot is also.
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