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Originally Posted by Ray27Ray52 View Post
Am I in some sort of parallel universe where an inferior receiver is considered to be better than another? I just can't quite comprehend how anyone could think Dez Bryant can touch AJ Green. I took the liberty of looking up each of their stats.

Dez 41 games 200 catches 2871 yards 27 TD's
AJ 31 games 162 catches 2407 yards 18 TD's

AJ trails Dez in every category however Dez has played in 10 more games then AJ. I don't think it's that far of a reach to say that AJ would surpass Dez in every category except for possibly TD's if they played the same amount of games.
Lets go off just this year then, when Dez seemed to get his act together and clicked with Romo.

Green's stats
97 Receptions 1350 Yards 11 TDs
Dez's stats
92 Receptions 1382 Yards 12 TDs.

Throw in that stats wise Dez was the best WR in the game during the 2nd half of the year not named Megatron. They are both freakishly good. Assuming all of his issues are out of the way I'd probably take Dez though.
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