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Agreed... Definitely 1 of these will fill, maybe even 2... But I think if you put some recent football product (2009-2012) you will be able to sell like 5 of these by the time the Super Bowl comes around.... This is in fact the NFL PLAYOFFS... Best time of the year.. Super Bowl!~ I think I speak for the general population when I say, we the people, would much rather buy a few boxes of SP Authentic, Exquisite, Five Star or one of Panini's 20 different products a year, than a case of 2000 rookies or some Blaster Olympics/UFC boxes.....

Kudos to Blowout for the $5000 gift card... That would be insane to hit. Just imagine all the foil wrappers on my dining room table.... But I don't think it would hurt anyone to add in a 14th or 15th option to buy into the promo... Especially since only 2 of the 13 are currently football!!
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