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Originally Posted by RipitRipken View Post
WOW....isn't that cool.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only recipient of such kindness. There are a few members on here who have sent me free cards and I just thin it's the coolest thing.

A 1/ that's so cool!

Thank you, even the smallest freebie can make someone's day. I try to throw in a few base whenever I can, I wish it was a more widespread thing.

Originally Posted by superjames27 View Post
how did he know you collect him?
I have no clue! I asked him if it was an accident or just a really weird coincidence and he said he had checked out my bucket more than a few times and wanted me to have it. I was shocked that people that aren't on blowout know about me. It was surreal, for sure.

Originally Posted by Haze28 View Post
I have been looking at some of his stuff lately, missed out on a canary 1/1 that I needed. That was very cool of him to throw that in!
I agree! I looked at my recent purchases and was surprised to see that I had bought 3 or 4 things from him and didn't even realize it. He's got some cool stuff, and he's a nice guy. Win win!
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