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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
Let me ask you something..

Is Michael Jordan the same level of HOFer as Spencer Haywood?
-I have no idea what 'same level of HOFer' means. And that's where the disconnect is. Do i generally consider that Babe Ruth was a better hitter/player than Duke Snider? Yes

Do i consider Babe Ruth a 'higher level' HOF inductee? No.

The Hall has standards of a vague nature to determine enshrinement. Gut feeling and all that. But those standards should not flex and strain on the whims of voters. If you want to parse out the 'Best' HOF players and the 'Good Enough' HOF players that's fine, but they're allegedly measured by the same stick. Just because Babe Ruth measures 99/100 and Snider 80/100, if they both pass they both should get their ticket. And if they happen to be on the same train, i have not one idea why that should make any sane, rational, logical difference. That's my point.

Agree to disagree and all that.

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