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Originally Posted by wegoingsizzler View Post
Are you seriously comparing UD product lines against Panini lines??

UD made different products at different price point to satisfy the different level of collectors..
Low end ($30-$50 MSRP):Victory, CC, UD Series I&II
Mid end ($50-$80 MSRP): Reserve, Pro & Prospects, Hardcourt, SP Sig
High end ($80-$150 MSRP): SPX, SP Authentics, Triology
Super High ENd (above $150 MSRP): Exquisite, UC, Chronology, UD Black

Yes, CC, Victory designs were garbage, but they were $30 boxes... I am not complaining about the design of Hoops which is MSRP $60!! I will take the design from any mid tier UD product against Hoops, R&S, Prestige any day!! and they are MSRP $85-90!!

and for the high end stuff such as Contenders, TT and Absolute... you really believe they are better designed than SP authentic, SPX or Trilogy??

Now for the super high end such as Panini Black, NT, Preferred, GS... it is not even a fair fight... Exquiste, UC, UD BLakc, and Chrono blows them away...

Take out MJ and Lebron... you going to tell me that Panini actually makes better products as a WHOLE than UD???
Contenders, TT and Absolute are not high end. They have "high end" price, but it is actually Panini mid-range products.

So, it is like paying $25,000 for a Acura ILX which is a Honda Civic with better leather seat.
Always looking for Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway!! Thanks!
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