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Originally Posted by SDcardguy24 View Post
Damn, that sucks. Does he usually resell them or does he keep most of them?
Don't know what he does or why he needs every single superstar jersey they list... apparently he might have a museum or work with the HOF or something.

Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
"nba auctions" should be called "Jtnbafan's newest purchases"

Its a joke website, impossible to win anything from the Star players. You could bid $100k for a game used Lebron jersey and you will get outbid lol
Yep, he was the one who paid $11k for the MKG debut jersey. The only time I've ever seen anybody beat him, they ended up paying over $8k for a pair of Tony Parker All-Star Game shorts. jt had won every single other player's jersey and shorts, but not the Parker shorts.
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