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Originally Posted by mcgahee21nfl View Post
I'd love to hear you elaborate on this, because there was only 1 more recently, which was 10/11. What did you like more about 10/11 than 09/10? The Notable Nicknames which you highlighted was one of the sets you would like to own, for sure went down hill in the latter. 10/11 Nicknames for the most part didn't even have the players autograph their name, only their nickname.

Ok so you named TWO products that haven't looked like garbage so far this year. We are in agreement, and you are in agreement with everyone else that is firing at Panini.
Im not a fan of Rc RPA horizontally. I like them vertically. A big time rookie driven product.

Im in no way sticking up for Panini. Im just dealing with the times. Just like my father did when he no longer could buy a Buick Grand National because they discontinued the FBI car model!
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