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I know what you mean about dealing with the times man. We just all got to understand that Panini is never going to get Jordan and Lebron (autos) in any of their high-end just got to deal with the players they have. With that said, they can still improve their super high end products like National Treasures. Add some foiling around cutouts for patches, etc. And NO MORE stickers autos, especially on their logoman cards....I mean what the heck its that? Even with no Jordan and Lebron, they still have a lot of room to improve on their high end products.
Im not contending improvements to quality and design. Im just patient about it as it takes time to develop it. Doesnt happen overnight. UD started business in 1989. In 2003 they came out with exquisite. All im saying is it takes time to get there. WHats the rush? The mayans were wrong!!
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