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Originally Posted by njbadapple View Post
I COMPLETELY disagree with letting Bryz go, but I'll come back to that.

Now back to Bryz. Bryz was not the problem, it was the defense. Primarily Kubina, Lilja, and Carla. Two are gone, one is still on the payroll but not as a starter. Given the option, I'd use the amnesty buyouts on Pronger & if I HAD to use the second one, then either Timonen or Briere. Only reason being age & still receiving $6MIL+ a year when they don't play at that caliber anymore.

Bottom line, keep Bryz. Our defensive corps is much stronger now with the three fumbling idiots gone.

I agree with this. I was wondering what the OP was thinking when I was reading their post. The Flyers have a bottom 5 defense in the league as far as defensive players as a whole
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