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Talking Wow What a great 6 weeks its been! Big Time Mojo!!

So I don't post much on here. I'm not a huge collector by any means. I wish I could bust boxes all day long but as is the case with most of us I am on a limited budget. Still every two weeks I allow myself to go down to my LCS here in town and spend $100.00. With the prices today that usually means one box. Well over the last six weeks (3 trips) I have been on fire! I hope the accompanying picture has been uploaded correctly as I said I don't post much and am not very keen with the tools lol. Anyways I busted 3 different boxes over this time period (2 2012 Elite one each on the first two trips, and then my first Crown Royale of this year tonight). Forgive me for posting just the big stuff from the two Elite Boxes but the other "hits" were nothing special and are in a couple different boxes. Here's the results though...I don't think anyone would complain if they received the same

1st Elite Box:
Andrew Luck Hard Hats #1 seq. numbered 300/399
Trent Richardson Rookie Inscriptions Green Ink #3 (Beckett says the green ink was a print run of only 20!)

2nd Elite Box:
Andrew Luck Hard Hats Auto #1 seq. numbered 16/49 (Such a beautiful and amazing card. Easily the most valuable card in my collection now and my first Luck auto. Needless to say the words holy s*** crossed my lips a few times before I realized just what I had pulled lol.)

and finally tonight in the order I pulled them...

The 2012 Crown Royale Box
Michael Egnew Rookie Paydirt Jersey #21 seq. numbered 26/49
Danny Coale Base RC Auto #23 seq. numbered 175/245 Cowboys PC
Ronnie Hillman Rookie Silhouette Auto Blue #278 seq. numbered 5/5!! (Card has a sick 3 color, 4 break patch but I can't tell if its from his numbers or his nameplate? Not the best player but with a 5/5 you really can't go wrong. Ironically I didn't know the print runs for the different color parallel versions of these Rookie Silhouettes. I only knew they were one per box. So when I first saw it was a Hillman I was very upset. I thought great there goes $100.00 down the drain. I was thinking yay I pulled a Coale and a Hillman. Yep my luck is definitely gone. Once I flipped it over and realized that the Blues are the lowest numbered being to only 5 I felt a bit better haha.)

So I get to the last pack and Im not overly thrilled or anything but I feel good that worst case scenario the Hillman will get a big chunk of my money back so that's good at least. As I opened the last pack I tried to flip the cards so I could go from the front but I saw the hit was #'d 24/25. So I just started from the back. When I got to the hit and saw who it was I was pretty happy to see it was arguably one of the best LB's of all time. I thought sweet this is gonna be a nasty patch but when I flipped it over my jaw nearly hit the floor!

Lawrence Taylor Legendary Silhouettes Jersey Auto #29 seq. numbered 24/25 (You can never go wrong with an ending like that am I right? Haha ya know I've never been on a lucky streak like this before but as I pulled each of these cards, I got that rare but oh so sweet feeling we've all felt before when that unsuspected surprise peeks out from behind that card you're slowly sliding away. It's the reason we all collect and when it happens all those countless "dud" boxes you've opened in your life instantly seem worth it. In my opinion there's no better feeling in the world and I can't wait to get paid again so I can see if my hot hand will continue! What do you guys think?
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