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Default DeRozan PC update - Jan "10" 2013

Hey everyone,

Happy 2013!

DeRozan pickups have been few and far in between recently. He hasn't had a certified autographed card this year yet, which really bums me out. So, not a lot of biggies to show in here. But I decided that instead of showing every single DeMar pickup in my mail posts, I'll just be posting 10 DeRozan cards at a time...on the 10th day of each month.

So, here's my first post of 10 cards for the year 2013.

10. Past & Present Gamers - I really like these vertical windows for the memorabilia.

9. Totally Certified Red Jersey

8. Prestige Base "Black Friday" version #3/5

7. UD Exquisite RC #003/225. I'm on a low serial numbered chase for his Exquisite RC's. If any knows where I can find more cards serial numbered under 10, I would appreciate the assist.

6. National Treasures Century Auto #/25

5. National Treasures Century Jersey Auto #/25

4. Hoops Base Auto. When I saw one show up on eBay, I was surprised that I did not have this one yet.

3. Crown Royale Panini's Choice Award Red Die-cut Auto #1/25

2. Black Box Elite Patch Auto #3/5

1. Certified Totally Green Auto #3/5. Picked another one up. This one has a better auto than the one I already had.

Thanks for taking the time to check them out!

- Roy
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