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I've never understood the obsession with ud, and it always seems like i'm able to find a couple of unique, under the radar panini sets to collect. Certified was outstanding this year, and prizm isnt bad either. Limited has "limited" breaking value, but the card designs are undeniably gorgeous. The black friday cards were mostly awesome and should hold their value.

Nonetheless, this timeless treasures is a giant, steaming pile of fail. It is no different than any other low end panini product, but they put thr timeless treasures name on it. The sticker glass autos are embarrassing (why didnt the "glass" get sent instead of the stickers?), and they stripped every high end card out of the set. Mind boggling, to say the least.

The other thing that bothers me is prior panini seasons have featured all sorts of low numbered rc's to collect. This year, its certified, crappy stickers, or insanely limited and overpriced. This isnt a good trend at all.
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