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"How much of his entire print run do you own?" - FreeMan12406

I'm not sure. I don't agree with the Beckett list of what should be listed and what should not be listed. Such as, why are 1997 printing plates listed...they were not in packs, and why are McFarlane figures listed (they are not cards...and the Starting Lineup figures are not listed or not always listed). Stadium postcards, highland mint coins, all types of things have no business in a card listing I think.

Someday I will set down and create what I feel is an accurate listing. I am amazed on those with decent size collections and know their stats.

Anyway, more scans....I might have shown the bowman pp...but I could not see where I posted it. The 2000 Bowman Photo Proof I just won, i think that gives me 8 Gonzo photo proofs now. (I think all but 2 are posted here in the thread somewhere).

1999 Skybox Premium #120 Tony Gonzalez Star Rubies 13/50

2000 Bowman Best #50 Tony Gonzalez Card

2000 Bowman's Best #50 Tony Gonzalez Topps Vault front and back photo proofs with original Topps file envelopes

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #51 Tony Gonzalez Gold 02/10 (Redemption)

2007 Topps Chrome #TC33 Tony Gonzalez Printing Plate Yellow Uncirculated 1/1

2012 Topps Prime #54 Tony Gonzalez Topps Vault Blank Back 1/1

2012 Topps Finest #93 Tony Gonzalez Printing Plate Magenta 1/1

2012 Panini Certified #16 Tony Gonzalez Emerald Game-Used 2/5

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