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Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
Same here. Sucks to be in a GB and not be able to catch it live
It sucks but it's the way things shook out. I actually have the house to myself the entire weekend so it would have been a good weekend to do it too.

I usually have no problem fronting the money to get Blowout paid but I totaled my car at the end of last month so I had to get a new one. Still waiting on insurance money to come in from that so my funds are a little tight until the insurance comes through.

With that said Emtin and kenny have given me their payment plans. Still haven't heard from Chando. I noticed he hasn't logged in since the 6th. With Emtin and kenny's money should be enough to get Blowout paid since I have a little Paypal balance from eBay sales too.

I'll keep you guys in the loop.
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