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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
in my personal experience home printers don't give you any type of good quality on stock paper. the ink they produce gets soaked up too quick in the paper, the process is a little different at a print shop and they can produce the better quality with the proper ink on the card.

printing is very cheap if you can find the correct type of "PRINT SHOP" that will do low numbered print runs.

you don't want to use places like office max etc, you want a real PRINT SHOP with large presses etc.
Understood, thank you!

My problem is I don't want to print a small quantity of 1 single card, I want to print a good amount of single cards (ie 1/1) for my personal collection.

Copyrights and trademarks might be an issue at certain printers at well. Heck, even the Walmart photo police have gotten on me for printing my OWN photos before! Seriously.
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