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Thanks for all the positive comments! I used to love watching him play when I was younger.
Since I just started collecting hockey, I decided to look up stats on some hall of famers and was amazed to see how many more games the people played that have more points than him on the all time list. It looks to me that if he was healthy throughout his career and played around the same amount of games that the other greats did that he would probably be second all time in scoring behind gretzky. I mean he is 7th on the all time scoring list but he only played 915 games. Look at how many games the other 6 players ahead of him played:
6. Yzerman- 1514
5. Dionne- 1348
4. Francis- 1731
3. Howe- 1767
2. Messier- 1756
1. Gretzky- 1487

I know stats aren't always the deciding factor in a players collectibility, but to me this along with watching him when I was a kid, was enough to make me want several high end cards of him.
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