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Arrow Cryptozoic Archer Trading Cards Fall 2013

Archer Trading Cards

FX's cable hit, Archer, becomes collectible! Now you can learn to be an ISIS agent as you collect Sterling Archer’s Spy Tips (Tactleneck not included), Pam's Inappropriate Workplace Moments, and your very own Welcome to Whore Island guide. Look for randomly inserted autograph cards from the very talented cast.

Key Features:
  • Features the same humor as the show in all of its glory
  • Fans can look forward to the "Totally Fabricated" wardrobe set, which features pieces of material that were not used in production of the show, such as Pam's dolphin puppet
  • Look for randomly inserted Autograph and Sketch cards

Product Details

Release Date: February 12, 2014
Packs: 5 Cards per Pack, 24 Packs per Box
MSRP: $3.50
Base Set: 72 card base set featuring episodic images from the first 4 seasons
Chase Sets: Sterling Archer’s Spy (Just the) Tips, Inappropriate Workplace Moments, and Welcome to Whore Island (all 2:24 packs)
Inserts: Autograph, Sketch (1:24 packs), and Totally Fabricated cards (1:144 packs)

Autograph Signers: Burt Reynolds (11/18), Jeffrey Tambor (11/1), Adam Reed (11/1), Jessica Walter (10/31), Chris Parnell (10/31), George Coe (10/31), James Hong (10/31), Judy Greer (10/22), Lucky Yates (10/22), René Auberjonois (10/22), David Cross (10/14), Clarke Peters (10/14), Ona Grauer (11/5), Amber Nash (11/7), and Maggie Wheeler (11/21)

Binder: The limited edition binder contains an Archer standee card. "DANGER ZONE!"

Promotional Cards:
P1 - Non-Sport Update Magazine (December 2012/January 2013)

Sketch Card Artists

Adam Toews*
April Babcock*
Chad Hurd*
Dominic Prestera*
Jennifer Montes*
Sam Ellis*
Stephen Slesinski*
Victoria Alexander*
Vince Sunico*
Mason Easley*
Adam Cleveland
Ashleigh Popplewell
Ben 1314 Hansen
Brandon Baselice
Brian DeGuire
Chad Cicconi
Clayton McCormack
Dan Gorman
Darren Auck
Dave Windett
David Enebral
David Namisato
Elvin A. Hernandez
Emily Riggsby
Felix Morales
Fer Galicia
Greg Kirkpatrick
Hanie Mohd
Ian Yoshio Roberts
Irma Ahmed
Jake Sumbing
Jason Durden
Jayson Kretzer
JC Fabul
Jed Thomas
Jeremy R. Scott
Joe Hogan
John "JAX" Jackman
Josef Rubinstein
Juno Sanchez
Kimberly Dunaway
Kris Justice
Manny Mederos
Mark Marvida
Matt Hebb
Michael Munshaw
Mike Legan
Mike Vasquez
Richard Brady
Robert Hack
Scott Houseman
Stacey Kardash
Steve Lydic
Ted Woods
Tim Dowler
Tom Valente
Val Hochberg
* Marks a "Rare" Artist


A1 Jessica Walter

A2 Amber Nash

A3 Chris Parnell

A4 George Coe

A5 Lucky Yates

A6 Maggie Wheeler

A7 Ona Grauer

A8 Rene Auberjonois

A9 James Hong

A10 Judy Greer

A11 Adam Reed

A12 David Cross

A13 Jeffery Tambor

A14 Clarke Peters

A15 Burt Reynolds


Chad Hurd

David Enebral

Greg Kirkpatrick

Hanie Mohd

Irma Ahmed

Jamie Roberts

Jeremy R Scott

Mike Munshaw

Robert Hack

Scott Houseman

Victoria Alexander

Vince Sunico

Pauly Shore Collector - Please contact me if you have anything Pauly Shore Autographs or Memorabilia

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