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Originally Posted by flint View Post
Understood, thank you!

My problem is I don't want to print a small quantity of 1 single card, I want to print a good amount of single cards (ie 1/1) for my personal collection.

Copyrights and trademarks might be an issue at certain printers at well. Heck, even the Walmart photo police have gotten on me for printing my OWN photos before! Seriously.
this is the main reason you need a print shop, they don't give a sh*t about none of that. they are typically run by college kids etc. I do flyer and cd cover design, they will print anything, they don't care. i'm not familiar with your area, I personally use uptown color in my area richmond va.

you would be better off to print 20-50 and just throw the rest away than to try to print them yourself, it's insanely cheap to get stuff like that printed at a print shop. I get flyers all the time and get 500 for $30, with uv, high gloss and the whole 9.

sometimes these print shops can't get past the fact that you only want 1, they won't compute it in the brain so they say no, so you order 20-50 and it's the same price as 1 from somewhere else. they only know printing in runs/sheets usually. just kinda have to get with em and see what your best option is and explain to them you'd pay for the smallest print run........
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