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Originally Posted by VWBUS1978 View Post
but it was sent as a gift. i don't see why you would get dinged.

that's like me sending my g-mom a x-mas gift and her having to pay taxes on the value it is insured for.

does Canada do that?
They changed that rule about 10 yrs ago with a blurb due to NAFTA reasons. Believe me if I sent you a package with a value of like $10,000 and insured, you would get a call from Customs in the US. If that product is "Made in the USA" and available in your country, they would charge you duties as well. Most of the time US customs lets it go. Reason being, for a NON US sender to insure it costs a ton. I cant value a package at $5k and not insure it for $5k. $5k in insurance would cost me like $55. So most people shipping into the US dont bother. Atleast I dont.

So if the product is made in the "USA" its taxable whether it is a gift or not. They feel that gift gets used much too often to bypass the tariffs.

I can open up a case about not paying duties on items I already owned by challenging the payment contending that I sent them to be appraised and not purchased. But then I would have to prove that I bought them prior with reciepts and garbage. The last time I did that, I had to wait like a year for payment. They make you pay now and if you win the contention, they refund you. Damn losers!

We'll see when it gets here!
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