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Originally Posted by Nickan529 View Post
So I agreed to purchase a lot last week for $65. At the time I had $40 free and told him I'd send the other $35 the next day. I came through and sent the additional $25 + 0.50 because he complained about having to pay $0.30 fee again. I then asked him to provide me with the numbering on the cards and after nearly two days, he told me he'd send the details when he got home. Since then, nothing and I've messaged him asking when they shipped. No response, no cards, no tracking. He has been on several times and I can't get a response. He has 35+positive feedback so far, but this is unacceptable! Am I wrong to ask for a refund and if still no response, file a claim? We're nearing a week now...

A week is way too soon IMO. Id give it til friday of next week to neg and file a claim. However the lack of communication is unacceptable, but as long as the cards get to you before friday(If you use my cutoff date) it shouldnt warrent a neg. You can ask for the refund however if you want.
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