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Originally Posted by forgiven1 View Post
I've bought quite a few Panini patch cards recently and they look pretty nice in hand...I will continue to buy for sure...I dont buy and bust boxes/cases to make money...I buy the singles that i like for my pc and i bust or enter breaks once in awhile for fun...I know the risks, so if i dont get anything good i dont get all but hurt about it and start crying about it on a public forum...This is strictly a Hobby for me so from my point of view i think Panini is doing a decent job!..Sorry if i offended anyone with this statement...
I'm in the same boat as you.....I buy singles I like and bust the occasional box when i can. Its a hobby first and foremost and i simply like collecting cards for my PC. There are quite a few Panini cards I don't particularly like but overall the ones I do like outweigh the ones I don't.
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