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i think when there was some competition among the many brands, while they did churn the presses as much as today, at least there were some variety and some "intrigue" to the various products/brands out there.

Lets say with football, there is topps and panini, i know what i am expecting, or I should expect from the different brands. there is variety. in panini i can expect mem and auto cards with the low parallels/SP and so forth. I can expect a shiny hit and in all boxes, i can expect at least one scrub auto a pack, 1-2 GU, a patch and or a RPA. in Topps, I know i am getting more autos in certain products than Panini, i can expect a main hit plus a random of another 1-2 hits. Which is why when i used to burn my pocket in sealed boxes, I get a topps and a panini per month.

the problem, could be the fact that panini is the only brand and we have the same expectation just because we can forsee what we are getting. i wont complain about sticker autos, everyone else did that. i cant complain about scrub autos, werent we complaining about GU before? but i know what i am getting each release, only that the design is different. but to me, a billups in one product is a billups in another. he hasnt grown wings from one set to another. the checklist is the same....perhaps what we want is more competition. yet when we had competition, we complained about too many sets/boxes products i say out of all the above, perhaps more competition should be brought back.

but like orangejello has mentioned, your choice and my choice wont be the same, but if you dont like it, dont buy it. if you want something, wait for the group break fools and case break fools to open and die, and then buy their singles off ebay, COMC or here.

oh and i have a friend who complains just liek anyone else about why panini i ask why do you open? he said oh bc i get chris chri5784 to do it, and its cool to have him open for me. and like he has my vid all over the web. his money, his choice but also, his immaturity.

with less dealers nationwide and globally and with group break accounts, panini can narrow its sales to these people and when they sell out in the first and second lots from the factory, they have made thier moeny and they dont need to worry. its not like they ship one case or two to one person or one shop and they need to maintain, i think its the dealers that have to do the most worrying everytime a product comes out. my uncle has a shop in NY, he has to order a minimum each month from hobby direct and from his dealers in the first round.

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