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I was reluctant to pick the Cubs (being a Cardinals fan) but knew there was a better shot to pull a '52 reprint auto than any other team that was left. Glad it paid off! I missed the first few boxes of the break, didn't even know I'd hit that until I watched the video. I got a bunch of Cubs minis (which I'm trying to collect as many as possible with hopes of building the set) and the mini jersey, I'd say the Cubs did well for me. Even the Rockies yielded an auto and jersey, I'm very happy with the break. Thanks jrod for hosting, it was a very fun break and I will definitely be in on the next one. Also I don't know if you automatically send base but yes I'd like them, I live in split Cards/Cubs territory so I know I will be able to put those to good use.
yeah... i had the cubs in a previous break and they did an old auto as well...if I was further down on the draft list i woulda taken cubs or white sox since i live near chicago...had the giants before in a break and I think all I got was a matt cain auto...but after watching a ton of breaks, I figured I was at least "guaranteed" a Matt Harrison auto...

congrats on the cubbie
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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