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Default 12-13 Gold Standard Basketball random team break

This is a 2012-2013 Gold Standard random team case break. There will be 30 slots, one for each team. The holder of the slot will get all hits, inserts and base from their respective team. If a card has multiple players on it, the card will be randomed between the teams on the card by a mod unless someone owns a majority of the card then that person gets the card (Kobe/D-Wade/Lebron goes to Heat; Kobe/Lebron/Melo gets randomed). Retired players will go with the team that they are being listed on the card with. If there are multiple listings, that card will be randomed between those team holders (example, Melo in a Nuggest’s uni would go with the Nuggests slot. If it pictured Melo in a Nuggest’s jersey and a Knick’s jersey, then it would be randomed between the Nuggest and Knicks). USA cards would go to the team that player is currently with or if it is a retired player, the team they retired with.

Once the break is filled and everyone has paid, a mod will random the list three times at Then a mod will random a list of each NBA team three times. The number from the slot holder list that matches the number from the team list will get that team. The case will be broken at a date to be determined and the draft will start the day after the break. The break will be live on and recorded for those who cannot watch it on break night.

Current case price is $2,000 1,800. So 1800/30= 60

63 a slot with shipping and supplies ($3.00 includes delivery confirmation.)

Paypal fees $2.13 (63 *0.29 +.30=2.13)

So $65.20 for the first slot, $64 for additional slots (72.20 for overseas)

If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for upgraded shipping - priority mail, signature confirmation, and insurance.

International ok, but additional shipping may apply.

Payments will be due at least two weeks before the product is set to release. Anyone joining and not paying will be left negative feedback. This product releases in April, so plan accordingly.

Kyrie and Glen Rice scans got cut off on top a little

Break is now active. Please send payments to Include your BO name ONLY in the message. Do not include break anywhere in there.

Please let me know ahead of time if you are overseas. I have included the exta $7 shipping charge onto those payments that I know are coming from overseas.

19. joel5025---Los Angeles Lakers
11. tokenpatel---Detroit Pistons
24. joel5025---Washington Wizards
16. jprt80---Memphis Grizzlies
18. FunDragon--- New Jersey Nets
26. jprt80---Sacramento Kings
3. Orangejello727--- Utah Jazz
10. 2011Postman---San Antonio Spurs
9. 2011Postman---Miami Heat
7. samuel1219---New York Knicks
29. Rpetrovi---Golden State Warriors
23. FunDragon---Milwaukee Bucks
30. Rpetrovi---New Orleans Hornets
6. rrljab---Portland Trail Blazers
21. samuel1219--- Denver Nuggets
13. sesmarine04---Charlotte Bobcats
20. sesmarine04---Toronto Raptors
1. padsfan10---Chicago Bulls
2. DUCKanay---Houston Rockets
14. samuel1219---Atlanta Hawks
22. CP3toOKC---Cleveland Cavaliers
28. FunDragon---Minnesota Timberwolves
5. Fins4life (via pm)---Dallas Mavericks
25. motiv8dan---Orlando Magic
12. txmike---Boston Celtics
17. jrubbo23---Indiana Pacers
8. FunDragon---Phoenix Suns
15. sesmarine04---Philadelphia 76ers
27. wfrazier---Oklahoma City Thunder/Seattle Supersonics
4. PokerPalace---Los Angeles Clippers

Those in red have paid.

2011Postman--- $129.2

CP3toOKC--- $65.2
DUCKanay--- $65.20
Fins4life (via pm)--- $65.2
FunDragon--- $193.2
+64 more
joel5025--- $65.2 +64
jprt80--- $142 (12.8 refund)

jrubbo23--- $72 (6.8 refund)

motiv8dan--- $79 (6.8 refund)
padsfan10--- $65.20
PokerPalace--- $65.2

Orangejello727--- $72 (6.8 refund)
Rpetrovi--- $129.2

rrljab--- $65.2
samuel1219--- $193.2

sesmarine04--- $65.2 +128 for additional slots
wfrazier--- $65.2

30/30 Filled
1. padsfan10
2. DUCKanay
3. Orangejello727
4. PokerPalace
5. Fins4life (via pm)
6. rrljab
7. samuel1219
8. FunDragon
9. 2011Postman
10. 2011Postman
11. tokenpatel
12. txmike
13. sesmarine04
14. samuel1219
15. sesmarine04
16. jprt80
17. jrubbo23
18. FunDragon
19. joel5025
20. sesmarine04
21. samuel1219
22. CP3toOKC
23. FunDragon
24. joel5025
25. motiv8dan
26. jprt80
27. wfrazier
28. FunDragon
29. Rpetrovi
30. Rpetrovi

Back ups:
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