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Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
When dumbasses get one of the two cards I've been looking for day after day to complete the print run.

2011 Totally Certified Jermaine Gresham Emerald JSY 'D 4 5 | eBay

$200? Ok, maybe that's for show. I'll offer $17.50. I got my others for $8, and $15 twice. He sent back $50? Fine, how about $20? And that's declined? What the @#@#!

If you know a dumbass, please make sure he doesn't take this hobby.
2011 Panina Absolute Mem Ahamad Bradshaw 1 1 Auto Patch Ground Hoggs | eBay

I've been dealing with this one for a week now trying to work something out.

I offered the guy WAY more than it was worth, I asked him where he figured the $400 price tag... he sends me this back:

Dear mindbinge,

thanks much for your input.
did some searching.. all on ebay currently...
2011 adrian peterson auto/patch 2/5 graded $499.00 2012 adrian peterson auto/patch 1/1 ungraded $399.00 jamal charles auto/patch ungraded 4/5 $75.00 2011 jamal charles auto/patch 4/5 $75.00 2011 steve jackson auto/patch 1/5 $100.00

have no problem keeping it
have a fantastic year.

- neohioguy00
Super Collector - Looking for anything of Ahmad Bradshaw!-

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