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Originally Posted by mufasa View Post
Why didn't you just move on then? Instead you make a post like a little crybaby. And entitlement does not mean you have to get something for free. Just because you bought others for a certain price does not mean that dictates the value for all others. When anything dries up, value increases. Maybe he is a smart businessman and knows that there are only two left and wants to get top dollar. And if you think my post was being an internet tough guy you are are even more of an idiot than I thought.
That is so true, it ticks me off seeing supercollectors talk about what a value is as if they are paying top dollar all the time when most lowball the piss out of you because there so called "expert" knowledge on value.

My red ink set I would pay 100 for one and see one show up listed so BAD at auction and get it for 20 bucks, i would factor that into the cost... The value you put forth is not always what it truly is OP. There might be someone wanting to complete that set and might pay 100, i know i would if that card kept me from completing it. so if you want, might as well pony up and get it...

hope you get it op, but this thread does not help you...gotta overpay sometimes to get what you
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