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Originally Posted by Razorsharp79 View Post
That is so true, it ticks me off seeing supercollectors talk about what a value is as if they are paying top dollar all the time when most lowball the piss out of you because there so called "expert" knowledge on value.

My red ink set I would pay 100 for one and see one show up listed so BAD at auction and get it for 20 bucks, i would factor that into the cost... The value you put forth is not always what it truly is OP. There might be someone wanting to complete that set and might pay 100, i know i would if that card kept me from completing it. so if you want, might as well pony up and get it...

hope you get it op, but this thread does not help you...gotta overpay sometimes to get what you
I over pay all the time...I don't lowball anyone and most of the time my offers are more than what something will sell for....just last week i offered a guy $50 for a card he turned around and told me he wanted $150 for that ended up selling for $16...but I'm not going to pay $400 just because it's a 1/1 and thats what someone else thinks its worth based on what an AP sells for lol.
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