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Originally Posted by mindbinge View Post
I over pay all the time...I don't lowball anyone and most of the time my offers are more than what something will sell for....just last week i offered a guy $50 for a card he turned around and told me he wanted $150 for that ended up selling for $16...but I'm not going to pay $400 just because it's a 1/1 and thats what someone else thinks its worth based on what an AP sells for lol.
^^^I did not label all supercollectors, but most have a sense of entitlement as Mufasa said and I agree from my experience most do, not all

OP said he offered 20 and got declined and the winning bid got it for 20+5 shipping.... I imagine the seller got ticked because of the sense of entitlement the OP seemed to show and his rude behavior towards him. Personally I would have went outside with video camera in hand, and burned the damn card before he got it if he cursed at me.

And i would personally never tell a seller I own anything. No, I need this for my set, no i need this to finish the print run...that ruins your shot to get it cheaper IMO..

when you need something you are vulnerable to be taken advantage of, but when you state I want this card, shoot me your best price and lets get this deal done quickly you have much more control in a negotiation from my experiences dealing off and on ebay

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