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Originally Posted by Razorsharp79 View Post
^^^I did not label all supercollectors, but most have a sense of entitlement as Mufasa said and I agree from my experience most do, not all

OP said he offered 20 and got declined and the winning bid got it for 20+5 shipping.... I imagine the seller got ticked because of the sense of entitlement the OP seemed to show and his rude behavior towards him. Personally I would have went outside with video camera in hand, and burned the damn card before he got it if he cursed at me.

And i would personally never tell a seller I own anything. No, I need this for my set, no i need this to finish the print run...that ruins your shot to get it cheaper IMO..
I do agree that I overreacted, but the harsh attitude of mine came after he declined my 2nd offer. I did nothing to irritate him before that.
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