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Originally Posted by TSJCT View Post
I just got 4 Redemptions in from 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball.
John Henderson
(2) Andre Drumond
Royce White
NONE of the cards are autographed but the back of the card says "The autograph on the card is guaranteed by Panini America, Inc.

HOW IS THIS NOT THEFT. To guarantee x amount of auto's per box and give redemptions and then send cards that are not autographed. Something needs to happen and i maybe the one to start the ball rolling. I have over 400 redemptions open right now and i think i will just let a lawyer take a look this stuff over.
Sorry Coby, they were never supposed to be auto'ed, like said before. However it's extremely lazy/irresponsible to have the "guaranteed auto" blurb on the non-auto rc's.

Originally Posted by oldgoldy97 View Post
11-12 rookie redemptions were to be auto'd, 12-13 were not. And how would it be theft? Did they steal something? It anything, it would be false advertising.

Get KMD on the case. He's and ambulance chaser. Or is he called something else now???
Who? I don't really remember anyone like that.
Mostly gone.
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