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Default One Collector's Experience

I'll share my stats as Antilawyer on COMC: Items sold 361; Total price of those items: $3,196 (just under $10 per card);Remaining items in inventory: 528 (with 201 on the way); total BV of those 528: $5,655 (you can see my targets); total asking price ($4,881 - a good number of /5s and /20s and high prospect autos). The customer service for me has been stellar. I will keep sending in blocks of 200/300 a couple times a year. I used to think I had to offer deep discounts off 'book' but it turned out to not be so. I'm merely a collector who went on buying sprees in 2005 and 2008 and finally figured out where my PC efforts will be. The remainder, excluding commons, go up the road to Seattle. I wish I could move some commons! Thanks to all who have purchased from and sold to me.
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