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Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
People that bust cases do it because they want the chance to pull the big one, its similar to gambling.

No one in their right mind would bust a case to pull players they collect, that's a lie and is ridiculous. They would just buy singles.

Fact is Panini doesn't put a single card that you can pull from a case that would basically pay for the case itself.

Collectors don't bust cases, gamblers do. Panini puts out some nice sets, but for every nice set, they dump it with 10 bad ugly ones. If they combine a few nice sets and cut down on the products every week, they would have something going.

It kills set collectors when they try to complete a set and no one is busting it anymore because there is so much new stuff out there that people can't even keep up.
Can you name 1 player outside of MJ that you can pull a card of that could sell for more than a case of that product?

If you look on ebay, there are people busting product. Hence why there are so many singles on ebay.
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