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7) Attention Group Break Hosts! Group break hosting is permitted but you must purchase and lock-in your spots immediately to assure that you acquire spots for your break. We will not be able to reserve spots for this promo. Please contact with any questions.

So who wants to make a group break out of the 6 Football Options??? A 6/100 chance at a $5000 shopping spree??

If we did all 6 football promos (2008 limited, 08 NT, 10 RR, 11 NT, 11 Chrome Rack Packs and 12 SportsTown) that would be $3994 total (120+ Hits, 3000+ rookies) .... Divide that by 32 team slots (Random draft order), and you get exactly $125 each.... Prob would be $135 for the first slot for shipping/paypal/etc, and $126 for any slot after that or something along those lines... Just seeing if there's interest.... Have plenty of experience running group breaks (if curious, just ask)....

Let me know if this interests anyone!

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