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Originally Posted by JosieDively View Post
Wouldn't this have to be put on the redemption card, pack, or box for it to apply to each specific product? I am not familiar with the legal aspects of this.
I think there is fine print somewhere on the logistics behind redemption cards. Theres always a loophole. You can read about it more here

Possible injunction: Stop Panini from having redemptions

exert from the link

The websites fine print "Redemption cards are made available as they are received. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Panini America, Inc. will send a comparable card in its place if the specified card is not available to ship within 4 months or 8 months depending on what timeframe is selected during the reservation process. If no time period is selected, 8 months will be assumed." What is comparable to panini might not be comparable to you, but they go by Book value, not the inflated market
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