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I agree. I find it troubling that so many people on this site have no problem being treated like this by sellers on here. If someone did this to them on Ebay they would be up in arms and starting 20 threads about it. I just think it gets overlooked here because it is so common and people have become so used to being treated like that on here. Some people try to make you feel like you are expecting too much because you expect a decent timely transaction. I mean, is asking for someone to ship quickly or to keep the lines of communication open really asking alot of someone? Its pretty sad if people think holding someone to some standards is putting an inconvienece on a seller. If I buy something from you I expect it shipped in a timely manner. And If you dont ship in a timely manner I do expect you to answer my pm when I ask you about it. I think some people get some pretty big balls to feel like they can just take someones money and then ignore them. But then again they are allowed to do it on here and thats why they do it. You can try and spin it anyway you want but thats the truth. I know alot of people dont like to hear it but the truth is the truth.

I've opened a dispute on ebay and you are absolutely right in what you said. I know that (while it has happened) I rarely have a card in my possession for more than 2 or 3 days before it is shipped and I certainly keep the lines of communication open. Thanks to all the advice. If this guy tries to tell me he'll ship Monday, I'm going to refuse.
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