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Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
Hang on...

So let's say I buy a box of exquisite and my best hit is a Jordan Todman. According to your logic, I shouldn't accept anything less than $450. Anything else is a "low price", even if others sell for $430 less. And if someone needs it who already has one or more, I'll drive up the price even higher, because there's a "higher demand".
Considering that you're preaching about logic, this response is ridiculous. Did I say he should sell it for the entire box price or anything like that? Why should or would you sell a low-numbered card, possibly your best hit, for such a low percentage out your outlay just because some stranger says that you should?

Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
His $50 was absurd. I'll overpay for a card I need, but not 4X the worth of the card.
In the scheme of things, $50 isn't a massively far-fetched price. Yes, it's probably overpriced, but if you "need" a card sometimes you have to pay the asking price. I've massively overpaid for PC cards because sometimes that's the only option you have. Did I create a thread and cry about someone selling for more than I wanted to pay? No. I'm an adult.
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