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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
Considering that you're preaching about logic, this response is ridiculous. Did I say he should sell it for the entire box price or anything like that? Why should or would you sell a low-numbered card, possibly your best hit, for such a low percentage out your outlay just because some stranger says that you should?

In the scheme of things, $50 isn't a massively far-fetched price. Yes, it's probably overpriced, but if you "need" a card sometimes you have to pay the asking price. I've massively overpaid for PC cards because sometimes that's the only option you have. Did I create a thread and cry about someone selling for more than I wanted to pay? No. I'm an adult.
You just said that it's fine to list it for the $200 for the box! Jesus H. Christ, do you have Alzheimer's? Probably overpriced? It's extremely overpriced. If better versions went for $15, $50 is acceptable? I'm not looking for attention, I just wanted to vent and now the internet tough guys like you come out on this thread. You love threads like this, I bet. And who gives a sh!t on you overpaying? Congratulations, you lost money.
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