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Originally Posted by mufasa View Post
Nope. Not at all. I just despise people like you. Piss and moan and complain when you don't get your way. Most likely the type of person that was protected and coddled by your mommy. But then the second you get your way, everything is ok again. Why are you asking that people not continue talking about this thread? Now that you got your way you are remorseful and realize you were out of line? Be thankful someone who is trying to rebuild their image got the card. If it was me, this would have happened to your card too.

Yankees free cards - blogTV
I wasn't going to bring my problems into this, and I won't, but posts like this kill me. Who the @#@# do you think you are to be able to talk down to me? What makes you so special that you have to take all this anger out on me? What have you done to deserve the right to be a d!ck? Charity work? Save a life? I'm repaying Alex back even though he said he's giving it to me for free. In fact, he's getting the better end. I'm grateful for his help. So why do you have this feeling like you are so high class?
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