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Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
$200 for boxes, $200 for card. Clearly you're a bigger idiot than you let on. And that's saying a lot. If my cards were worth $17, and got an offer of $17. I'd take it.
Ask most of the other people posting here and I think you'll find it's YOU that are the idiot...
Just because you don't understand, no need to be all angry about it.

You also don't sound like much of a good seller. If somebody (who might have been willing to pay $50) offers you market value on an item you'll instantly accept it? What if you knew that 2 out of the 5 that were made were already locked up in a collection, or if you knew that this particular person was going for the print run, would you still leave possible profits/money on the table?

Keep posting, it's quite amusing.

But let us know when you have to go down for a nap. I don't even want to think about the state of your diaper right now...
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