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Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
Broken record keeps on spinning. So, it's right to charge more to collectors? Then I comment about that, and I'm once again a "baby"? God, you are dense. You know what? The next $1 bill I see is worth $100. Then, I will sell it on ebay for $100 because that's how much it's worth. Idiot calls me a baby. Rich.
Ebay is an open market where people can pay whatever they want. It's not my decision on what they charge, nor is it yours. And what if one other collector is willing to pay more than you? Then they're not "charging more to collectors".

And your example is so funnily wrong. A $1 bill is worth $1 because that's its SET value. A card has fluctuating value - it depends what people are willing to pay for it. And you call me an idiot, LOL!
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