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Default 1 Box 12-13 Certified + 1 Blaster

I think this is my 4th box now, probably 5th if you count loose packs and I still don't have a complete base set. I ran across blasters at one of the area Targets. The one 200 yards from my house never gets as much hockey. Probably better that way. I'm probably going to make a COMC run this week so if anyone wants anything, ping me soon. The Lehtonen and Sexsmith go toward my set so those are n/a.

Here's the box breakdown:
Espo - Immortals Mirror Blue /50
David Krejci/Nicklas Backstrom - Path to the Cup Quarter Finals Dual Jerseys /250
Erik Karlsson - FOTG /299
Mike Green/Zdeno Chara - Path to the Cup Quarter Finals /399
Kari Lehtonen - Masked Marvels /999
Stamkos - Certified Stars /999
Kessler - Mirror Red /199
Niklas Backstrom - Goalie Pulls
REDEMPTION - Dustin Byfuglien/Scott Glennie - Junior Class Signatures /100
Tyson Sexsmith - Freshman Signatures

From the blaster
Pacioretty - Mirror Red /199
Stefan Elliott - Certified Signatures

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