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Originally Posted by CAS239 View Post
Jeeez..I wish I had money to blow to get 4 cases. That's pretty damn nice.

I'm in talks with a friend to split a season 3 case when it comes out. But 4, that's impressive.

And some nice pulls. Interested in what else you pulled
2 cases I got for a great price and locked in 6 months before release from a great US supplier that helped me with S1 - These cards were non existent here in Australia, and not 1 of the 3 retailers I ordered from came through. Thats when I said !@#$ ill get 2 more cases @ top dollar through ebay and hope the doubles can pay some off. I couldnt really afford it, but hey, this is a great show and a great product and as a collector, the value is just the icing on the cake, I doubt I could ever sell a sketch or redemption I pulled no matter what the price. So like many of us its a little frustrating to see people sitting on cases, or selling sketches the way the are, purely for cashola. Oh the mighty dollar
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