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Default One Box 2012 Vault+ One Box 2007 Gold

Hi all. I brole a box of 2012 Benchwarmer Vault today that was pretty blah.

I got:
Inner box: 2007 Gold
Shannon Malone 2003 Kiss
Tiffany Selby Tropic Beauty Promo
Kara Monaco July 4 2012 Auto
Jaime Hammer Vault Auto
Lana Kinnear Vault Auto
Jaime Hammer 2006 Holiday Auto (who is she...?)
Sara Underwood 2011 Bubblegum Auto

Sara is the only one I collect...

I debated whether to break the 2007 box or sell it to break even... decided to break it and got these:

Lindsay Dennis purple foil parallel
Yvette Nelson auto
Krisi Ballentine auto
Tiffany Selby Kiss

At this point I was down to the last pack and starting to sweat when out popped a case hit, the Shay Lyn bikini swatch. This card redeemed the Vault in part...

All cards are FS (preferred) or FT except for the Underwood auto.


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