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Finally got my account activated. So I'm new to posting and this forum. Only found it with the release of these awesome cards. So excited to post my breaks.
I was able to get 6 boxes (box 1-6) from one supplier and 2 (box 7-8) from another.
I have one more box on the way (paid $140) that will ship with some other boxes next month.

Box #1:
A13 Laurie Holden
M12 Andrea's Striped Top
M31 Walker

Box #2:
A12 Greg Nicotero
M27 Daryl's Jeans
M28 Walker

Box #3:
A4 Laurie Holden Season 1
M11 Shane's Blue Shirt
M30 Walker
DMO2 Hershel + Maggie

Box #4:
A5 Norman Reedus
M1 Rick's Sheriff Shirt
M16 Rick's Green Shirt
M32 Walker
Sketch: Walker by Kyle Babbit

Box #5:
A1 Andrew Lincoln
M4 Carl's Orange Jacket
M29 Walker

Box #6:
A8 Madison Lintz Walker
M15 Glenn's Blue Shirt
M28 Walker

Box #7:
A1 Andrew Lincoln
M6 Glenn's Brown Shirt
M28 Walker

Box #8
A4 Laurie Holden Season 1
M8 Dale's White Tank Top
M29 Walker

My really stoked with my 8 boxes. To pull 2x Andrew Lincoln's, 2x Laurie Holden season 1 cards, a dual wardobe and a sketch is unbelievable. I never have luck with cards. Plus it's my first ever sketch pulled.
Can post photo of sketch if people are interested, can I do that with image shack?
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