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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Thanks, I'll be sure to shoot them a message

I was also just thinking about a sweet card they could make for the set, a Darren McCarty Auto with the picture of him beating a turtling Lemuiex

If they make that card and I pull it, it would be my favorite pull for the rest of my life, even if I were to pull a Stewart 1/1 it wouldn't beat the joy of pulling that card (if its made and it should be)
Pat just messaged me back and said it was added to the pre-sell list, it's $85 a box, I'll probably have to order one or two of them

I was also looking at the sell sheet more and saw that one of the 6 patch cards is for memerable games and that is the Colorado Brawl with a patch from Vernon, Yzerman, McCarty, Roy, Forsberg, Lemuiex.

Oh my god I want that card, hopefully I either pull it, or it's not low numbered so I can afford to buy it after release because that is SICK

Anyone know if ITG products generally come out on time or are delayed?

Just not sure I want to pre-order it now if there is a decent chance of it getting delayed
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